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Hello all !!!
My name is Samya Khalid and I am a 20 year old girl from Karachi. I have spent about 7 years of my life at UK. Maybe due to this reason, I have been transformed into a very modern girl, despite the backward & conservative Pakistani environment. I think that I am very different from other Pakistani girls. You will find out shortly why I am saying this.

Education & Career:

After succesful completion of my O & A-Level from a UK School, I came back to Pakistan and succeded to get enrolled in a Four year Degree Program at Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture with my majors in Fashion Designing.
My basic aim is to become a Model. I dont know whether I will be achieving my aim or not, due to the conservative Pakistani and backward thinking of our society but anywayzzz, I will try my best for this. This is mainly because, I am very proud of my body and my figure. I want to use this as a tool to reach the top of the world. I want to go so high that when I look down, I find everyone loving me.

Website & related:

Although I am not very good at Webdesigning, neither I am Web Designer. But I had taken a Two months Short Course from an institution when I was in UK. That course taught me basics of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Graphics Designing by Adobe Photoshop and some fundamental knowledge about PHP Scripts. All of these tools are used in the development of this website. I have tried to use CSS as much as possible so that it can enhance my skills related to CSS. PHP Scripts are used to add interaction between me and my Visitors.

Further Additions:

I will be adding lots of things on this website in future. I will be adding Poetry and Prose, my resume, my contact information, pictures and obviously a guestbook. Stay connected to my website. Meanwhile I have signed up for Drop Box by Oggix, so that all my visitors can have a nice interaction with one another. Also dont forget to Vote on the Polls of my website.


If you think that my work is worth appreciation, and want to give Credits to me, than you can donate me by sending a Ufone Prepaid Card. This is a great way to support me and my work. I will really appreciate your your Donation.

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Samya's Web Polls
Which of these things
are true about Sex ?
It should be done only after marriage
It is only enjoyable, when boy & girl are in love
It can be enjoyable even if you dont love your partner
Incest Sex is the most enjoyable form of Sex
Sex is an art, and everyone doesnot know this art
Lesbians Sex should be given an official & Legal status
Kissing should be allowed in public places
It is helpful for health as it stimulates the hormones
It also gives pleasure even if it is done with a Callgirl/Prostitute